Friday, March 1, 2013

From Cityboy To Hunter-Gatherer

Spring is near and so is my journey. Over the recent years I have learned alot about survival skills, trapping, fishing, hunting, the way our ancestors used to live, the way nature works, how to stockpile for winter and so on and I have also learned how much info the human brain can store in a few years.

All that info becomes useless if you do not have the right mindset, therefore having the right mindset should be no1 when it comes to survival essentials.

I always had the mindset of a cityboy.. I grew up in the city, went to school, got my own home.. If I wanted something I would go out and buy it. There were moments I thought I was about to die if my computer crashed. There were times I cried myself to sleep over the loss of a girlfriend because I wanted to be loved, I was lazy and was living on wellfare (still do) and I thought school was boring so I skipped it all. I spend my time hanging out with 'friends', smoking weed and developing a gaming addiction. I can fairly say I was pretty bad at anything, I thought I was useless and in a way I was.. I couldn't even properly bake an egg..
This is how I have spended (or wasted) much of my youth.

If I would head out in the wilderness with a mindset like the above I would not even stand a chance. You can have all the knowledge in the world and head out into the bush with the most expensive gear but if you want to live like a hunter-gatherer you need to have the proper mindset or you'll die.

I have to wait 2 more months untill I can live like a hunter-gatherer but I noticed that after 2 years of learning all these skills I am beginning to think like one...
If my wife comes home and she bought flowers the first thing that goes threu my mind is "Is it edible?", If I am watching Nat. Geo Wild and they show an animal I wonder what they taste like. Sometimes I picture myself different scenarios and ask myself how to survive them. If I see a particular type of grass I wonder if I could turn it into starch or flour. I am still using my computer on a daily basis but not to feed some gaming addiction but to learn about wild edibles and to feed my brain with other, usefull info.

I already told you that when it comes to gear and survival knowledge I feel ready to go, but having the right mindset/attitude is the most important thing I should bring along.

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