Thursday, February 28, 2013

Diary 28 feb

Yesterday my girlfriend came home from work but before she came home she did some shopping (woman...). This time however she bought something for me that was usefull.

This is a LED lamp for camping, nighttime fishing and other outdoor activities. It works on 4 AA batteries and it has 2 modes.. a normal bright light and a small red light that gives you just a little bit of light but saves energy. As you can see it has a hook so you can hang it inside your tent, or outside since it's water proof.  She bought it at Action for about 3 euro's.. Awesome..

As you can imagine I examined this camping light and wondered if I would take it with me... Again, is it realy usefull or will it just take up space? I decided to take it with me, it is always good to have a little light when it gets dark. Once the batteries ar dead I might turn it into a cup (it looks like it has potential to turn into a cup) or I would just throw the darn thing away... I still have a candle or an oillamp.  Anyhow.. it's added to the items list.

So what else has been happening?
Well my GF wants to go out with some of her friends next weekend, you know.. head to smelly bars, listening and dancing to awefull music and of course spending a shitload of money on alcohol in an effort to get drunk or rather sick. Naturaly I will stay at home watching the kids while while she's off wasting money and braincells.  One of her friends, a guy called jeffrey wanted to crash at my place and sleep it off. He was a bit upset that I did not want that to happen. What did he expect? I have seen the guy once and then I have to let him sleep on my couch in my home? No way dude.. Nothing personal but I don't let people sleep overnight in my home when I barely know them.. I have children and therefore I have to be responsible.. I don't want them to wake up and find some drunken guy they don't know in their home. And I also don't wan't to get my camera stolen again. I'm a 32 years old father, I'm not in college anymore.
Once I have left this godforsaken place she can do whatever she likes and invite whoever she likes.

My days among those who dwell on the streets of modern society are numbered.. The pressure is overwelming but I remain enthousiastic and optimistic. This blog has over 5000 pageviews.. that's more then good enough for me. I started this blog in November last year and now that the end is near I am beginning to wonder what to post in these 2 final months.. So here are topics that I will write about before I'll leave.

-About hygiene in the bush and it's importance
-About medicine and heaing plants
-About how to navigate without a compass
-A tutorial on how to make a fish trap and primitive fishing hook
-A tutorial on how to make an arrow
-About my tin can Hobo cooking set and the test
-About why I will not take a firearm with me.
-My favourite youtube bushcraft/survival videos
-Food for on the early stages of my journey

And probably more. I will also write a few post that will be notes or letters to those I leave behind (My children, girlfriend even my family-in-law) Since these letters are personal and just for them I will write them in the language we speak, Dutch.

Thats all folks, take care and have a great day

The Spice Girls - Viva forever

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