Tuesday, March 12, 2013

To my past friends

As I have mentioned before I grew up in Rotterdam and later on moved to the east of Holland to be with my gf and my kids and become a familyman.
I'm glad I did, it was a whole new experirience for me, I had to force myself to grow up fast and gain some responsibility.. something I always lacked.
But when I moved I had to leave my friends behind, I assumed I would make some new friends over here, I was wrong..
Everytime I talk about 'my friends' I'm talking about people from my past, people I used to consider 'my friend'. Well it's like that old song from the Fugees "You don't know what you got till it's gone."
And they're right. My friends gave me some good memoiries so here is a shout out to them and a 'thank you' for making my life more fun back in the good old days

I would like to thank..

Dagmar N
Andreas M
Paul H
Quintus L
Cees B
Jaco de G
Christel H
Barry N
Anoeska B
Hugo O (r.i.p.)
Femke O
Ilse V (r.i.p.)
Linda K
Pedro (m.i.a.)

Shit! .. Looks like I had more friends then I thought and I will remember them when I'm out there.. we had some fun times in good and bad days. Sorry if I let anyone out.

When my parents got divorced when I was 10 my whole family split up aswell and some of them I barely got to see anymore. Still they were close to me as a kid.
So thank you.. Marco and Amanda, Tom and Ria and My grandparents (r.i.p.) and I also would like to thank Tom and Bram.

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