Friday, March 15, 2013

Fully use of a dead animal

I like the idea of fully using a dead animal that has been killed for food so nothing goes to waste.
Our ancestors were masters when it comes to this and here is a usefull list of what you can make from various bodyparts.

Bone: needles, fishing hook, bonecarving art, black pigment/dye when charred, bone knives and handles, arrowtips, fishing spear tips, hide scraper, buttons.... Bone can be called the plastic of the natural world and people across the world made the wildest things with bone and a sharp knife.

Antler & horn: flintknapping tool, handle for knives etc, drinking horn, antler deer call method

Feathers: flething arrows, isolation materials, decorative objects such as dreamcatchers.

Sinew: string and robe, fishing and trapping line, bowstring bowdrill string

Hoofs: glue, rattle

Eyes: glue, grease

Brain: for tanning hides

Hide: clothing, shoes, shelter material, hats and gloves

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