Wednesday, November 28, 2012

14 reasons why I leave society

If anyone asks my why I am leaving modern society I often do not know what to say. So yesterday I made a list of reasons why I want leave and here it is.. enjoy!

1- Because I don't (want to) need money (bits of copper and paper.. that's all it realy is)
2- Because I only want to own that what I need to survive (which isn't alot)
3- Because only the forests make me feel free (and I was born free according to Mel Gibson)
4- Because I'm a natural born loner
5- Because the need of adventure (away with boredom and daily sloth)
6- Because I want to live like my ancestors did (uhmm.. that'll be the Saxons)
7- Because wild food tastes better (can't get fresher then that)
8- Because I need to do something with my life (something few have done before)
9- Because I need to put all the skills i've learned into practice
10- Because I want to see more of the world (wanderlust)
11- Because TV sucks nowadays (different channel, same shit)
12-Because I don't have a carreer (and more important: don't want one)
13- Because of all the rules in a society  (if I want to piss against that tree I'll do so).
14- Because I was born to hunt which is illegal over here (again those damn rules)
All these reasons realy overshadow the reasons why I would stay


  1. I love this post! I can identify with all these reasons! I'm a female hermit in miami,florida

    1. I used to live in Miami and moved to north central Florida to escape the city and i love it here besides the fact that the city cruelty is stretching their greedy fingers across the map and if you work for corporations, it's worse. I have been wanting to leave society for, give our take, a year. My problem is, I can't just leave my fiance. And i can't leave my disabled mother without my help (we all live together) . She wouldn't have enough money to pay for expenses, she'd be alone and she wouldn't have a ride to get anywhere (she can't drive because of her vision problems). I'd only do it if neither them were in my life. It sucks being trapped like a rat in a place you feel is like jail. I feel happy socializing sometimes, online more often, and by myself most times.i get annoyed when my quiet is interrupted. That's why i don't like being home all the time. My mom is the same. Guess it's hereditary. I also agree on the points all of you guys made.

  2. I plan on leaving society before September. The only problem is I'm afraid to do it alone and risk death. I hear there are various tribes around the world that live to be ~150 years old and have no diseases. I just want to see what's really out there. Mostly a search for real health. I certainly have no plans to re-integrate once i leave. Just wondering if you're going to actually go through with it or just sit around talking about it. Clock's tickin'.

  3. Thats the only peaceful existence you will ever know,,,trust me!

  4. Leaving is the only way. Staying is donating your soul and your spirit to the prison that is society where we are free to work, pay taxes and a million little rules that strip us of all real freedom. Staying is not a life. It is slavery.

  5. I agree with all of you ... often before i fall to sleep i imagine what it will be if i just leave. I am making imaginary plans for stuff i will take and how i will make the stuff i need - on sight, What shelter and what envirorment i will choose and so on ... BUT
    I cant leave - have children and woman to take care of. And i am trapped , not because of them - i love them and i know that they wont support me to be free ... they are scared of lack of money problem like 99% of the population ... they are good people , but cant see beyond daily routine and satisfying common needs other way than working for someone else ...

    I am aware of the choice i made and maybe i never will be free , i am just scared that this imaginary world is giving me more pleasure and is pulling me so hard that every time i woke up - i feel depressed - can hiding this for now...

    I like my family and my woman , i dont like the world me and they live in. I have enough will to try ... but they dont - so i am choosing to not follow my dream , but stay with them.

    Just sharing ... a small anonymous confession.

    Ralph Sungila - i admire. With you luck soul brother. You are already there, somewhere ... live your dream Ralph , do it for all of us who are trapped

    1. My problem is having enough money to get supplies. I have kids but they aren't with me and at this time I'm in a shelter working a low paying job, and no career at 48. But that's not the reason I want to leave society. The reason is that God never told anyone that they had to pay rent and buy water. Nothing in nature lives like this but humans.

  6. How would you find a spot where you are far enough away? I mean could you walk 100 miles away from a town and live?

  7. It is starting to look like it will be the other way around. Society will be wiped out via nature We might be wishing we had built that HHO generator, Howard Johnson Magnetic Motor, our garages

  8. I do in fact understand what you are talking about. Unfortunately we aren't given the choice to live in the real world, and have therefore being forcedly put as just another small part of the eternal abstraction, which has become the modern human society.

  9. #1 Reason Why I want to leave society:
    People are selfish,corrupt and power hungry, They take bad decisions when it comes to designing laws, work habits, how much they charge, They willfully let imperfect systems which penalize certain individuals unjustly, because it brings in more money by affecting more people, taking more time to complete,and just being plain old inefficient in General.

    Basically I want to leave because I see how easy it is to fix
    most of the BS we go through with the Health System,Law and Order,wealth distribution,Education,Government,Corporate World etc yet there is a net and clear refusal by their workers to do something about any of these solutions because? Job Security,money, power,

    So basically all the taxes, the tickets, the losses, interest, human rights, civil liberties, loss of free time,devaluations, well wehave to pay for them.

    They are forcing us to drastically over pay for bad work that we know how to accomplish for a fractionof the price.

    Likje Police traps to give tickets to people to fill the city's coffins.

    TheTown I grew up in (Gatineau) The cops actually went on strike cuz the city council was imposing quotas on police...meaning they had to penalize everyone the same amount just cuz....WHAT THE FUCK IS A JUSTICE SYSTEM DOING PUNISHING PEOPLE AT A CONSTANT RATE WETHER THEY ARE BAD OR GOOD...

    I will tell you: they are acting like criminals, they are theives, So litterally we oftengetting robbed attacked, haressed, killed etc by the same people we give fortunes to protect about double downer.

    These are in all actuality crimes....DO you think I am going to just take it and let a psychopathic predatorabuse me all my life and give him my money to keep on doing so?

    So, one option on the table is to findretreat a bit, find a location to declare my own nation and go like: aaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaah

    Just now I am thinking of my father who could of been spared a quadruple bypass open heart surgery and Heart Attack if the health system had simply rerouted the cost of the surgery to subsidize harm reduction technology which would ofspard him all this bs and pain and shortr life...wth...they prefer the money go to doctors to slice us open that curing us. I suspect it is because they have too many people on their payroll...spooky huh? that is why I am a strong proponent of a more decentralized health system (transparent and patient own a part of it and so get to analyze and vote where and how the money is spent...right now money hungry wolves who only care about the bottom get to decide how this money is spent and therès nothing we can do about it.)

    So yeah I will not take this anymore. I have spent a major portion of my life trying to find solutions that are easy to realize(not scifi or technology hard ). And guess what? Dont believe anyone who says: "This how the world turns, you cannot change it".

    Back to live off the grid...actually this could be another grid, your very own, a grid 2.0, you don't have to be alone, you want to live in a society absent of ennemies trying to suck the life out of you which is not only reasonable, it should be your right.

    Once you have a little mini society going you not only have a proof-of-work prototype that proves to the world it's possible but you also the perfect setting and mind-set to work towards fixing the very society you left, it must be cleansed, you left brothers sisters friends and good people you don't even know there. Heck it's even possible this would kick in a reversle of the decay of human behavior and actually get some of those psycho people to start realize what they are doing wrong ....

    1. sry bout the foul language I can't find an edit feature

  10. too much abstractions, Roots is all i seek

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