Saturday, March 2, 2013

Diary 2 march

I feel sick and most of my family is suffering from having a cold, It's that time of year again. I am taking it easy most of the time. During the day I sleep a couple of hours, then I wake up and eat, sleep some more and at night I am usually awake and full of energy.. I have a day/night rhythm like some kind of freaking vampire.
I do wonder how I'm going to treat an illness when I'm out in the woods, an illness such as a fever are viruses that go from human to human, if I'm spending the rest of my life living solo I don't really have to worry about that. But simply catching a cold can and will happen. And there are more serious deceases I might suffer from including food poisoning. Learning a thing or two about medical plants may be a good idea, I'm especially interested in how to get rid of headaches and these common colds. At the moment all I really know about this subject is that tea from stinging nettles cleanse the blood and that aroma from lavender can help you fall asleep.. That's not enough..

So what has been happening today?
I am making jerky and I hope the beef will be dried tomorrow.
I have lost my charcoal/charcloth making tin, it's somewhere around the house but have to search some more.
I have been eating lasagna, it was more sauce then pasta.. disgusting.
A girlfriend of my girlfriend is having a sleepover upstairs like she's f*cking twelve.
I have been watching youtube for info on trapping, after the 15th advertisement in 6 minutes I got annoyed like hell.. not a youtube fan anymore.
I couldn't sleep because everyone is coughing all the time.
Other then that my day sucked :)

Tomorrow my girlfriend is going out with her sister and her friend I just mentioned. I will be completely honest; I'm always happy when she leaves for a while, I have the whole house for myself, I can prepare for my departure without anyone bothering me. There used to be a time when I would miss her or when I was afraid that if she was going out without me, that she might cheat on me.. at this moment I wouldn't even care if she did..   We both changed and she changed most of all in my opinion.. It sits on the couch all day shouting at her kids telling them what to do and she considers that 'raising your children' so she can watch her precious TV. It burps and farts all day long.. there is nothing feminine about her anymore.
Anyhow tomorrow she will go out, party with their girls and waste her money on alcohol and puge in the toilet once she's home like all good, responsible mothers do..

That'll be enough drama for today so take care everyone.

Michael Jackson - Leave me alone

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