Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why I am not taking a firearm with me.

When people leave their urban environment to spend some quality time out in the woods, let's say for a weekend they often bring a firearm with them.
And with good reason, not only can it provide them with food but most of all it is the best way to defend themselves against bears, mountain lions, zombies and what not.
Soon I'll head out into the woods, not for a weekend but possibly for the rest of my life, Yet if you take a look at all the stuff I will bring with me you will not see a single firearm, just a cheap airgun and airguns are great for small game hunting but they're not meant as a defensive weapon, it would only piss off a bear even more.

So why do I not take a firearm with me?
Because of the local law.. In my country you cannot simply go to a gunstore, show your passport and start shopping. Dutch law on gun ownership is ridiculously stupid. Owning a gun over here is possible but very hard. You have to get screened by the police even if you don't have a criminal record, Then you need to follow a whole variety of shooting classes which costs you alot of money and time, Once they think you are ready you are aloud to buy a gun and ammo, but you must also buy a safe and store it there and you must become a member of a shooting club.

Congratulations!.. you are now the proud owner of a gun, you are now officially broke and once everyone knows you have a gun they'll consider you the next best serial killer 'cause that's how the dutch look at gun owners.

But wait! there's more!
Now that you have a gun you must practice at a shooting range several times a month otherwise you are in serious danger of having your license taken away from you, also expect the police from having unannounced visits at your home to see if you're keeping your gun in the safe. I cannot even imagine what you neighbours must think after the 13th visit. Also do not even think about using your gun in order to defend yourself. This is Holland.. many people have gone to jail over here due to self defence. Also if you want to fire the gun you do that at your local shooting range, no where else.

Now you know why I am not taking a gun, rifle or shotgun with me.. If I could then I would, and if I can get my hands on an old AK when I'm somewhere in eastern Europe (can't be that hard hehe) I will not think twice.


  1. While I do agree,
    I must also say that I feel much more safe knowing that noone around me has a gun. (Or just a feeeew people). Look at America's handgun killing rate, its incredibly high.
    I feel much more safe knowing everyone around me does NOT have a gun than to know that everyone around me HAS a gun with them for selfdefense.
    When it comes to having a gun for purposes such as hunting; it's an extremely annoying law. But when it comes to being safer w/ or w/o guns, I feel more safe without them.

  2. Each state in the US has their own rules and regulations when it comes to owning a gun. There are even states (California is one of them I believe) where people are not allowed to own a gun.

    Buying a gun from a gunstore should not be as easy as buying a candy from a candystore. We agree on that ;) And Gun owners should not be alowed to carry a gun on the streets but store it at home

    So yes, In Holland there should be rules for gun owners.. I just think they go a little over the top here. Gun shooting has become one of the most expensive sports in Holland, perhaps the most expensive (Gun, ammo, courses, license..)
    You most likely remember that public shooting we had some time ago by that guy named Stephan.. It just takes one of these idiots in order to screw it up for the rest.. Because of guys like him rules and regulations get even more tight and because of guys like him the publics view on gun owners has only got worse.

    Sucks for me as to buying a gun in order to hunt for food and for defence against dangerous wildlife. I don't need a rifle in order to survive but it would make things easier.

  3. Sure thing. I must say that tese 'consealed carriers' or something kinda creep me out though. Just knowing that in the group of 10 people over there one of them might have a gun is somewhat creepy.

    I wouldn't mind it at all if everyone was trustable, but some just arent, and I'd rather have noone with a gun than both the trustable and nontrustable.