Monday, March 25, 2013

Diary 25 march

Today was a day like any other but I feel pretty good. The weather however is pretty horrible, the snow is finally gone but it has been very windy for many days now. The fence in my backyard looks pretty damaged, it's nothing more but a wooden sail out there. Lately I'm doing pretty good, spending a lot of time with the kids, playing and teaching them how to write letters and numbers and reading them bedtime stories, today I have read them the story of Herakles..

Soon I won't be able to do that anymore so I enjoy it while I still can. But I try not to think about it.

What else am I up to lately.. Well I still try to learn a few tricks when it comes to woodcarving, I'm still practicing fitness and tomorrow I will no longer do bodyworkouts alone but also use free weights. I'm also checking out major bushcraft/survival websites and forum to see if there are any skills I have missed and might be useful to learn.

That's it for now I'm off to bed, my kids have to go to school tomorrow.. peace out!

The Beatles - Across the Universe

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