Monday, March 25, 2013

The bicycle of choice

As you all should know by now my main transportation method during the early stages of my journey is the bicycle and here is my bike of choice, not that I had a choice to be honest..

The bicycle is plain and boring, you're typical cheap grandma's bicycle.. A mountainbike or ATB would be much better for a project like this but hey, we are travelling lightweight on a low budget (or rather for free) here. The looks don't realy matter.. The bike is a tool to get me from A to B.

Like I said, it's plain but it works, before I head out I have to remove the childrens seat so I can use the 2 large bags at the back. I also need to check out if the light work since you never know nowadays with those LED bicycle lights. A bicycle with a frame like that is mostly considered a ladies bicycle.. but who cares really..

Like I have said before; If the bicycle breaks down beyond repair I will ditch it somewhere. If the terrain becomes to "bewildered" and cycling becomes impossible then I will ditch it. And when I don't feel like cycling for a while I will use it as a 'packing mule' and walk along side it if you get my point.
Anyhow I don't expect to use this bike for a long time and I will spend most of my journey hiking but it does give me a fast start.

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  1. NOTE 19 May 2013

    Since my GF and I have broke up I will not be using this bicycle. It's still stored at my former home.