Thursday, March 14, 2013

Some wilderness survival videos

When I decided to head out on this trip I first had to give myself the time to learn as many survival skills as I could. I did not have the money or time to follow a wilderness survival course. I also did not want to take loads of books on skills and wild edibles with me. So websites like youtube turned out to be the best when it comes to learning such skills and I have spend days learning all I could, seeing how it's done works a lot better the reading how it should be done.
When you search youtube for bushcraft and wilderness skills then you find loads of videos teaching you the same basic stuff: Setting up a tarp or hammock, info or reviews on gear and there seem to be a thousand videos teching you how to build the same debris shelter.

However.. every now and then I find something incredibly usefull.. tips and tricks I have not seen before. So here are just a few awesome videos that are either about Bushcraft/Survival or Primitive living.

Les Stroud - Stranded (Summer)

We all know Les Stroud from the tv series "Survivorman" when he heads out in order to survive completely alone.. He is one of my favorite TV instructors and I have a lot of respect for this guy.. This video is from back in the day before he started "Survivorman". The video shows how hard it realy is in order to survive in the wilderness on your own. It's a full episode so have a seat ;) There is also a "Winter" episode

Heating a poncho

I found this video recently.. It is about having a fireplace inside a poncho or other tent.. sounds like a pretty dumb thing to do right? Well this guy came up with a solution on how to warm your tent with a fire yet without having the risk of burning or melting your tent down.
Genius.. simply genius..!

Ancient disoveries - The sling

Hey! This is about Ancient history.. How is this relevant?
This is a video from the tv series Ancient Discoveries - Lost science of the Bible.
It's from back in the day when History Channel was actualy about History and still fun to watch.
This episode is about David & Goliath and especialy about the sling he used.. Slings were used as a weapon in war, a self defense weapon but also as a hunting tool and that's why I love it.
It is my favorite primitive hunting weapon and the guy in the video is a treu champion, In this video you see how a sling is used and also how powerfull it realy is.

Primitive Bow Hunting

This is an excellent video from primitive pathways, It shows a skilled hunter, a primitive bow (Longbow type I believe) and primitive arrows with stone tips. He did hit the deer but because he missed vital areas the deer got away, still it's a very interesting video... PETA is gonna love me for this... :)

Alone in the Wild

Here is the story of Ed Wardle who decided to make his childhood dream come true to live in the wild, completely alone for 3 months. He was dropped in the Canadian Yukon territory with minimum gear. He films everything himself. He bailed out after 7 weeks but I can't blame him. This video shows how hard living in the wilderness can be even for an experienced adventurer like him. In my opinion it also shows why being a very social person and living alone in the wild don't mix well.

That's it, hope you enjoyed

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