Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pfeil wood carving knife

In my last journal entry I wrote that I do a lot of woodcarving and I have kept myself pretty buzy with making some decoration on my knife handles. Carving with kitchen knives and my opinel was sheer hell. It is so hard to make small details if you only have knifes with long blades. So today I went to the local craftstore and bought myself a Pfeil No 7 carving knife.
The length of the blade is only 37mm (1.5 inches) and the handle is made of beech wood.
The blade somewhat looks like a scalpel and it seems to be just as sharp. Naturally I immidiatly tried it out and I love it allready.
I'm not to sure as to what type of steel is used for the blade but I think it's carbon.. which is good.
Got myself a nice tool for just 9.55 euro's.

Yes I will take this small knife with me when I head out into the unknown, I will add it to the list of gear I will be taking with me.

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