Sunday, March 3, 2013

Diary 3 march

Since i will be leaving on the 25th of May I have still a few more months to go before I head out.
Yet I feel like i'm ready to head out right now. I know that there are still so many skills to learn that I don't know, but in theory I know more then enough to survive in the wilderness when it comes to the basics such as making a shelter, fishing, trapping. I feel like I could head out on my bike right now and go on this epic journey.. Still I know that I must wait until may.. The weather will be alot better.

What am I going to do in the meanwhile?..

-practicing all that I have learned
-posting here
-fitness.. preparing my body to cycle and hike across europe
-writing usefull info in my selfmade survival munual/field guide
-spending a lot of time with my children now I still can
-eating more then I usualy do, I'll need it later

That's all I will be focused on untill the day I leave, now I'm off to get into shape, take care everyone and have a nice day.

For my song of the day I'll give you Rapalje, an awesome dutch band with an unusual style that I love alot.. they tend to play scottish, dutch and medieval folk music. They often play at medieval and fantasy events.

Rapalje @ keltfest 2007

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