Monday, March 11, 2013

Diary 11 march

Well.. weekend is over and the kids can wake up any minute so they can go to school. They realy seem to like it there. They often invite friends over and I always thought that at this age children would go to school just to have fun and so they can learn how to interact with others, was kinda surprised when I noticed they are learning how to write and they're pretty good at it.  Time's going fast.

Lately, out of sheer boredom, I started crafting again. I tried to make a duck call but it was to time consuming without powertools. I also made some kind of gooseboard on a common A4 paper, when I fold it I can bring it with me and it doesn't take alot of space.

Today I will start looking for my Tin can that I use for charcoal/cloth making.. I have 2 of them but can't find them both and these are important when it comes to firemaking so I need to find it before I head out. I will also once again pick up needle and tread in order to strengthen my diy backpack even more. When fully loaded it becomes pretty heavy (don't have a scale so I can't tell exactly how heavy) and I don't want the pack to tear when I'm on the road.

I'm doing pretty good nowadays, I am not sick anymore and I'm doing a good job at keeping negativity out of my mind. I guess part of the reason why I'm feeling so good is because of my fitness routine. Today I will also do some fitness if I get a moment all by myself. I am also going to look at specific training method for cyclists and hikers.

That's it for today, Take care.
For the song of the day here's the best guitar solo ever in my opinion.. enjoy

Queen - Brighton rock (Live @ Wembley '86)

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