Saturday, June 8, 2013

30th of June.. Departure day

I will be leaving June the 30th.. I feel pretty good, the weather is just great, it hasn't rained in days and I can't see a single cloud right now. This is the springtime I have been waiting for.
A few days ago I decided to leave the 30th and yesterday I printed the entire route I will have to cycle.

All in all.. I'm ready for the biggest adventure of a lifetime


  1. Awesome to hear! Is there a possibility to show your (approximate) cycle route? That way I, aswell as others, can see what kind of challenge it truly is.

    Thanks, K
    If you'd like, I'll give away my Alias

    1. Well google maps does not let me make a cycling route on routeplanner from NL to Russia. So I had to make multiple routes.. from nl to germany, germany to poland and so on... and tape those routes together.

      Sure you can ;)

    2. Almost departure day now... I wish you all the luck in the world. I hope you find what you want. I'll be checking this blog every few days for the next month or 3, then probably forget about it and check back up on it in a month or 6-12 months.

      Again, I hope everything goes as you planned, and you have yourself the best time you've ever had.

      It's weird to see myself 'emotionally attached' to someone I've never even seen before, but I hope everything goes as you want it to go. I'll always remember you, Ralph Sungila.

      Don't be mad when you ever make the news, I might've told someone about your amazing story.

      Good luck, wishing the best for you!!
      Met een meer dan vriendelijke groet, ik kan het echt niet beschrijven, afscheid nemen van iemand die je nooit meer zult zien, maar tegelijkertijd ook nooit hebt gezien,

      Kamiel de Visser

      Je zult altijd een inspiratie voor me zijn!

      Als je ooit nog terugkeert naar de beschaving,

  2. Good luck my friend. I hope it's everything you hope it will be. I hope the forest is as green as it has been in your dreams. I hope...

  3. If this is my journey,
    I will add a small bible and my reading glasses with the pack.

    Hope you make it well and be happy with what you'll find.