Monday, March 25, 2013

Hobo Tin Can Cooking set tested

Today I tested my diy Hobo cooking set.

Making all this stuff myself instead of buying it is great but I better test it out before I bring it into the field so today I tested the Hobo cooking set. Basically it is just a tin can to boil in (Billy can) and another tin can made into a woodburning stove. Instead of burning twigs in the stove I made a quick Buddy burner because I was affraid that wood would give to much smoke and may cause an alarm to my neighbours.
I decided to test it out in my shed.. that way I was outside but still sheilded from the wind and the eyes of curious neighbours.

So this is how the test went.. Boy was I in for a big surprise...

Once inside the backyard shed I put the stove on the concrete floor, lit up the buddyburner and putted it inside the stove, then I took the billycan, poured a bit of water in it and placed it on top of the stove.. Now I just waited for it to boil.

Soon I noticed that there was quite alot of smoke coming out from the buddyburner and along with it a terrible smell.   After just a few minutes it was asif I had entered the dark realm of Hades himself.. in other words smoke was everywhere, the smell was horrible and I even noticed that it was getting a lot warmer in my shed. I had turned my shed into a smokehouse. Instead of waiting for a boil I cancelled it and put the fire out.   Once I did that my girlfriend came and said that my neighbour came by to ask where all the smoke came from, worried that our shed might be on fire hahaha.
He need not to worry, that'll be the last time I burned anything in there.

The Result....

Hobo Tin Can Cooking set
Worked great and after cooling down there was no damage dispite the heat. I did not get the water to boil but after putting out the fire. the water was very warm. So what can I say; Screw all those pots and pans, this will do the job perfectly at no costs what so ever.

Buddy Burner
All you Bushcrafters and Survivalists out there, forget all you knew about making signal fires! Just bring a buddy burner with you... What a let down.. Yes this realy is a long lasting candle indeed but the smoke and smell makes it horrible. Not something I would like to be cooking on.


  1. Try
    sanding off the paint, to reduce smell and live a little longer ;-)
    pushing 2 tent pegs through about 3cm from the top to hold/ place a stainless mug down into the burner, so you can still hold the mug handle, this increases heat transfer area, like a kelly kettle
    find a meths burner that fits in the bottom, you dont need twigs till you run out of meths
    damp twigs will still burn using cotton balls rolled in vaseline
    Dave in Ireland

    enjoy your coffee!

  2. Hi Dave

    Thank you for your advice, The paint on the can was untouched by the fire and I'm pretty sure the smell came from the improvised candle. Normal twigs and vaseline balls would have done a better job indeed. But I will look into your method. The kelly kettle does ring a bell so to say.

    Greetings and take care ;)

  3. Please NOTE 19 May 2013

    Since my GF and I have broken up I can't take this cooking set with me since I left it at my former home.. I'll have to improvise when I'm on the road

  4. That's a incredibly awesome looking for cookings set! i choose the alimentary position place problem....used to have one part like that decades a gone and that i skip it

  5. I have found any buddy burners made from cardboard and wax are the stinkers- Try using clean pine bedding (CHEAP) munched small in the wax- works great/ smells good with 1/2 the smoke