Thursday, March 14, 2013

Diary 14 march

The children are off to school and the miss is heading to her job which leaves me some time to write.
It has been 3 days yet nothing interesting happened to write about.

I have been looking into woodcarving and I have been teaching myself some kolrosing, a Scandinavian carving artform and at the moment I'm practicing on the handle of my mora spoon knife. I believe knowing how to turn a piece of wood into an artwork is a great way to pass the time if you're heading into the forests anyway. If my future works can be considered art or not is all in the eyes of the beholder, as long as I like it.
I'm also thinking about making a wooden spirit on the handle of my opinel. I will post some pictures later on.

Some time ago I said that I would post a few letters on this blog in my own language. A letter to my family-in-law and to my children. Yet 2 days ago I heard that my my girlfriends father talked behind my back again. All of a sudden I realised again why I didn't like them and why we don't mix. I wanted to be passive towards them like I wrote in a previous entry yet here I find myself again with war on my mind.
My girlfriend told him that I was into fitness lately and apperently he said that 'I can't do pushups'.
That old mummy clearly overestimates himself and he clearly seems to underestamates me. I am certainly not the next Jean claude van damme, point taken. But I can do more pushups then the old fart.
Well here it is guys... I promised not to write anymore negative stuff about my family in law but I write whatever is on my mind and he just forced me to get this 'Cold war' between me and them started again.
Next time he visits I'll ask him.. "I can't do pushups? Ok.. Show me how it's done"..

So no, I will not write a letter to my family-in-law neither on or offline. It's not worth my time and effort. I thought they to deserved an explanation about why I left or why I never socialised with them. So I will just write a letter to my children on this blog in my own language so they can read it when they're older (and blogger still exists). I will write a letter to my father and mother aswell, but a real letter, They are ready to be send.

Sigh.. That's it for now.. If you want more info on Kolrosing and carving wooden Spirits here are some nice links..

T-rex - Deborah

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