Monday, March 4, 2013

Diary 4 march

I'm not sick anymore but now our youngest daughter is getting ill and since she's just a baby I am a bit worried. But I'm pretty sure it will turn out ok. The beef jerky I started making 2 days ago is also done. I tated a bit and it's a lot more difficult to chew then the dried chicken I made earlier. It tasted alright and that is good, because I will be eating this alot on my journey and in the future, the only way I can preserve meat and fish is by drying it.

My dried meat.. Chicken on the left and Beef on the right..

To be honest there is nothing more I can talk about, nothing else happened today worth mentioning.
So goodbye and until next time.

Megadeth - A tout le Monde


  1. lol I thought that was a couple of dead spider's... I hope your baby was ok

    1. It does look like it from a distance.
      Yeah she's all better now tnx