Friday, March 22, 2013

Diary 22 march

Knife & Flint firemaking method succes!!!!

Well what can I say.. I did it! I have looked for info on how to make sparks with a stone and a carbon knife. I have tried this method before but now I know that I never used enough force and speed. So now I tried it again and a smile appeared on my face after I got a spark.. and another.. and another..

Yes I am pretty damn proud of myself right now.. especialy because this method is clearly a lot harder then using a normal steel striker. I had succes with both my Opinel and my Mora and with different flint stones. Great.. I can make sparks this way.. But tomorrow I will actualy try to make a fire with this method using dry grass and charcloth. I will get better at this over time. If I succeed at that aswell then I will  try the bow drill technique again.

There is a chance that my sister-in-law gets her driving license in a few weeks so today she already bought her first car, or her father bought it for her I think.. doesn't matter realy.. It's a blueish Ford Ka and even though it's not my kinda car I was happy for her. Her whole family came to visit again but it did not bother me this time. I do not get angry like I use to do.

I do not have much to say other then that I'm doing allright so i'm off to watch the second part of this great movie called The Odyssey and then tuck in for the night.. here is the song of the day

The Police - Message in a bottle

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