Sunday, December 30, 2012

Diary 30 dec

So what's happening..

Yesterday I finally got the Opinel that I ordered and it looks great. I will not use it until I leave, out there it will prove it's value. It''s a Opinel No.08 and I will use it for crafts that require a smaller blade then my Mora, such as carving a bone fishing hook for example.

I used to have a Opinel as a kid and have missed it ever since I lost it. The one I have now is made of carbon steel and I was surprised by how sharp it is.  The other stuff I have ordered (from a different company) have not arrived yet.. a poncho and a compass.. two essential items I need for the journey. Christmas is over, what's taking so long?

I have taken a good look at my selfmade backpack and I am once again rethinking the design.. I think that after wearing it for a while it becomes very uncomfortable, especially if it's fully loaded.. Maybe I should settle with a smaller backpack.. say a 40ltr backpack.. that has all the items I need instead of all the items that might become useful. Damn.. I put so much time and effort into making this backpack only to realise that I have to do it all over again.. Maybe I should better buy a new one.

So is there anything else?.. Nah.. not much.. I don't feel like whining again about the conditions between me and my gf and her family, I give it a rest for now. And other than that I'm doing good despite the fact that I have some trouble sleeping, must be because spring is getting near.

That's it for now, for those interested I ordered the Opinel at , The site is in Dutch and of course I hope everyone has a wonderful new year! I know I will, for it will be my last :)    Cheers everyone!

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