Friday, December 14, 2012

The List of stuff 2 make (done)

This is the list.. here I will write down all the items that I still need to buy before I head out into the wild, some items are more important then others. Another part of the list are items that I still need to make, usualy I only buy stuff that I can't make on my own.

This list will be updated often..
Stuff 2 Buy
  • Military grade Poncho  got it
  • Walking/hiking shoes  made it myself
  • Compass  got it
  • 2nd Firesteel  got it
  • Opinel folding knife  got it
  • small Axe (optional)   didn't have enough space

Stuff 2 Make
  • 2nd pair of shoes (made of thick leather, somewhat medieval styled, nearly finished)  done
  • Pants (Made of fleece for wearing under regular pants on cold days, nearly finished) Bought one
  • A 3rd sling (made of yute twine and leather pouch) decided bringing one was enough
  • Winter hat (made of fleece and wool, nearly finished, looks somewhat mongolian)  done
  • Fire piston (optional)  failed
  • Collapsable Tin can cooking set  done
  • Longsleeve undershirt/tunic  (fleece)  decided i wouldn't need it, had plenty of warm clothes
  • Groundsheet (made of any flexible, waterproof material)  Wouldn't need it
  • Small saw (out of a kitchen knife, nearly finished)   failed
  • Dreamcatcher (not important, just a fun project)  done
  • Gloves (using old gloves and add a second layer for warmth)  Waste of time, use old ones instead
  • wooden Boomerang (mainly for fun)  kinda tricky to make, bought one instead
It is now the 21st of februari 2013 and this list is done and won't be updated anymore. I would love to make more items that would be usefull for my future journey but I'm running out of time for such projects. I have all I need to make it out there.

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