Sunday, December 2, 2012

Diary 2 dec

The everlasting journey seems to be always on my mind, every second, every day.
And it should because time is moving fast. 5 more months. Hope i'll be ready on time because i'm working with a deadline here. Sometimes I can almost picture how it must be.. I can almost see the pine trees in the snow.. The endless silence and peace I need so much.. I shouldn't romanticize the next years of my life and prepare for rough times.. rough but worth it.

At the moment i'm still creating and adjusting my backpack and is is nearly finished.
What it will look like once it's finished?  Well I'll be honest it probably ain't gonna be pretty.  Then again I never wanted it to look nice, I just want it to get the job done! which is; staying on my back and carry my items the next 600 (or so) kilometers.  Once the bag is finished i'll post pictures :)

Lately I find myself sewing like a madman. apart from the bag i'm also working on a woolen hat, pants made of fleece and even leather shoes made from a design that dates back to anglo-saxon england. An extra pair of lightweight shoes is just great. But I also have done other stuff such as making bone needles and more charcloth..... Always busy, no time to waste...

Well it's getting very late so I wish you all good night.  Tomorrow I'll write a section about why I choose to travel such a long distance with a bicycle while a plane or train seems like a better option.

See you then ;)

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