Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Am I really a Bushcrafter?

When you scroll this blog you find the term "Bushcraft" alot so you might think, with good reason, that I am a "Bushcrafter", however I probably am not.

I am beginning to wonder how a person is called who does what i am doing.. leaving society and all materialism behind in order to escape in the wilderness.. Is there a name for it..?

How about a "Hermit"?.. Well I guess this word comes closest to define what i'm doing, which is the reason why I named this blog "A hermits diary" but on the other hand Hermits are usualy people who seek abandoness for religious reasons.

Makes sence at first since i'll be surviving in the woods. But a survivalist is another word for Prepper. which I am not.. despite the fact that I like preppers and have learned alot from them

When I leave and head East I will be making several camps along the way but eventualy when I have found a good spot I will settle down, So Nomad is not a good way of calling myself

Yes I am fleeing from my country because I think it sucks but it's not Rwanda where I Must flee for political reasons.. I admit it ain't that bad. So calling myself a refugee is plain stupid. Also refugees  flee to places where they can get help or food, which usualy is not in the wilderness

Why not? Well Bushcrafters often spend their time in nature, sometimes for 2 days, sometimes for 2 months. But the difference between me and a bushcrafter is that they, eventualy, return home.

"Forest Dweller"
Hey.. Wait a minute.. this might be it! This name defines exactly what I will be doing next year.. dwelling the forests.. Not gonna change the name of my blog though.

This was just a little something I felt worth sharing, hope everyone of you had a great christmas.
Take care

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