Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Testing the gear

So today I figured it might be a good idea to wear all my gear for a minute to find out how comfortable it is so I first put on the clothes.. Camo shirt, camo pants, camo parka and my selfmade shoes. Then the shemagh and finally it was time to put on the backpack... here are the pics..

So if you ever head into the polish/russian wilderness and you see this twisted freak of nature.. relax.. it's just plain old me :)

I was wearing this for about 15 minutes so what are the results.. It gets hot! which is a good thing just not indoors at this moment. The DIY backpack also feels comfortable but then again it's not yet loaded with all the stuff i'll be needing. It will become alot heavier and I just hope the straps will hold all that weight. don't want to be stitching it all back up while i'm not even halfway there.
When I leave I will not be wearing these military clothes, they will be in my backpack because it will otherwise cause unnecessary attention (all that camo.. he's up to something). It also gets pretty hot over here in the month of May so wearing a jacket would be foolish.

When it comes to gear, I feel like i'm ready!!

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