Saturday, December 1, 2012

A quest for Fitness

Planning to bike about 700 km (434 miles) while living a lazy lifestyle is somewhat unrealistic (ahum) so I need to take a critical and firm look at my lifestyle, weight and overall condition.

Conclusion: It's a sad situation.
I'm 1.82 meters (7.1 inch) tall and I weigh about 60 kg (132lbs) if i'm lucky. It has been much worse when I was a kid but it's still very skinny.  Also my breakfast consists of sigarettes and coffee.. as a matter of fact, not having a cup of coffee or a sigarette in my hands is a rare occassion. No wonder my teeth are so messed up! My endurance and stamina also must be pathetic.

If there's a problem don't wine about it, solve it! so here's what i'm gonna do..

"If only I would get all that money back that I spend with buying smokes.. what could I buy?.."
Isn't that on every smokers mind?  I started smoking cigars at the age of 14 (no joke) and that's how all this shit started. I started smoking to prove something to my fellow classmates. it was cool back then. I ended up smoking because I was addicted and now i'm a diehard chainsmoker.
Time to put an end to this. I can't build up my condition with a cig on my lip and there are no tabacco shops in the boreal forest so i'll have to quit anyway.
This will be alot easier.. the addiction is just in my head. If I have no more cigarettes I panic, if I have no more coffee i'll drink water for days if I have to.. Been there before.

There's only one solution if you're skinny like me.. Eat more
I believe smoking is one of the reasons why i'm never hungry. Once i've quit it will be a lot easier to bulk up. luckily i'm the type of guy who will eat about everything and who has a thing for healthy food and a natural hatred for Mc Donalds.

Getting my ass of the couch is also a goal and work on my endurance. I will focus on walking and biking long distances (with and without backpack) as a preparation for my journey. Practice what you preach...


And finaly Strength training.. I do not aim to become a bodybuilder and I don't have to but I do have to wear that backpack all the time and my legs will have to take a beating if I have to bike for days on end. I have some minor fitness equipment... two dumbells, a jumprobe and some other stuff and i'll be focusing on bodyweight training.. sit ups, push ups and such since I don't have the money or time to visit a gym.
Full body workouts without a schedule for 3 days a week to start with is what i'm thinking.


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