Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My idea of an ideal longterm location

In my post "a quest for shelter" I promised to write about what I consider to be an ideal longterm location se here it goes..

In my search for "others like me" who also plan to live off the grid/land have no idea where to go.
Yahoo answers for example is filled with questions such as; "where can I legaly live off the land?", "what is the best place to live in the wild?", "I want to live in solitude, where should I go?"..

The answer to these questions is always the same.. Buy some land from the government.
And yes!, that is your best option. Unless of course if you are a poor bugger like me. Because even a small piece of land can be expensive and if you want to hunt you need a much bigger piece of land and unless you are a milionair this is out of the question. In order to live free, without money you need alot of money, it's not just about buying land it''s also about buying hunting licenses, fishing licenses and still paying tax.

However.. if you are like me and you believe that it is your godgiven right to roam wherever you want as long as you're not bothering anyone and if you believe cannot be "owned" by any government except on paper then there is a second option.. Just go...

There are other ways such as a (hippie) commune, these are small communities of people who usualy try to make a living without depending on anyone else. They often live off the land by farming and raising cattle but often they do generate their own electricity in order to go online, write their community blog, watch the tv etcetera.. So are they off the grid? maybe yes but barely. And for those who wish to head out in order to find silence and solitude this is not an option...

The 3rd option is what i'm about to do.. Pack your bags and just head out to a location where you can be all by yourself, to find peace and solitude and to have a chance to realy discover yourself and your capabilitys, to realy have the time to think about what you want to do with your live without anybody else forcing his or her opinion down your throat. All you need is to have a place where you can stay for quite some time.. an ideal longterm location.. but what is that?..

An ideal location where one should build a permanent shelter would need the following..

  • A nearby fresh watersource that is big enough to not only get water but also to use for fishing.
  • Edible resources when it comes to plants, roots, nuts and even fruits
  • Enough small game.. just like fish this is your best source of protein and other important vitamins.
  • A nearby open field.. simply because not being able to see the sun for days can drive you nuts, Farming should also be done in an open field.
  • And finaly having a great distance between you and civilization.
If I find such a location I will settle down maybe for a few months or maybe for years, I haven't figured that out yet if i will decide to settle down or becoming somewhat of a nomad. we'll see.

Hope you enjoyed ;) and take care

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