Friday, January 4, 2013

The items list

Here is a list of all the items I will take with me on my journey, this list may change over time and several items may be added or removed. Not all of these items will go in my backpack, some will be attached to my bicycle and others are small enough to fit in my pockets.
Items that are crossed are last minute/late cancellations


Mora Companion knife
Opinel folded knife
Mora Crooked knife
Pfeil Carving knife
US Engineer Compass
Bicycle repairkit
2 needles
black sewing thread


Fleece Pants
Military parka
Military winter parka undergarment
Camo Tshirt
pair of socks
winter gloves
Winter sweather
DIY simple leather shoes
Pair of boxershorts


2x Firesteel
About 15 lighters
Box of matches
Baggie filled with charcloth
Baggie filled with Vaseline cottonballs
Some Charcoal
Small bag with tinder


Military Canteen
500ml plastic water bottle
2.5ltr water bottle


Military grade Poncho
Wool? Blanket
some Rope
Pillow sheet
LED camping light

First Aid/Hygiene

some Bandaids
5x Paracetamol
Anti-musquito stick
Labello stick
Bottle with medical alcohol
Disposable razor


Set of small wooden chopsticks
DIY Tin can (Hobo) kitchen set (Stove + Billycan)
2x buddy burner


1x instant soup bag
4x cup a soup
1x  noodles
250ml bottle filled with homemade fruit juice
Small bag of Rice
Small bag of Pasta's
Small bag of Flour
4x bouilon cubes
Little bits of Sugar, herbs and salt
Some dried meat
Some dried veggies & fruits
small amount of Coffee
5 Teabags
2x Tuna in a tin
some vitamin tablets
Few slices of bread

Fishing/Hunting etc

Crosman 2240 airgun + Shoulderstock
.22 airgun pellets 250x
about 10 Co2 cartridges
10 fishing hooks in several sizes
Fishing/trapping line.. lots of it
various Fishing leads
1 Float/Bobber
5 softbait lures, various types
a Sling
1 DIY fishing lure

2 Very small size pocket torches (disposable)
Wooden Boomerang
Book: the Hobbit
Book: on Greek mythology
Book: DIY Field manual
Several plastic bags
Roll of duct tape
1 candle
1 charcloth/coal making tin
Some pens and a pencil
Some olive oil
Aluminium foil folded into a small package
Compact camera
Small bag for camera
Extra disposable batteries for camera
Extra SD memory cards

Bringing one pair of pants for example seems a little weird but remember that I will be wearing pants already when I leave (and a tshirt, socks etc) so I'm actually bringing 2 pants with me :)
Also it's clear to see that all this stuff weights alot after cycling and hiking for miles and miles. But the longer I'll be on the road the less it will start to weigh. Food gets eaten, lighters get empty and from time to time I will get rid of stuff.

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