Wednesday, December 12, 2012

About my Mora knives

I have two knives that I will bring with me into the bush made by Mora in Sweden.
The first is the Mora Companion (basicaly a new version of the Clipper) and the Mora 164 Crook knife.

The Mora/Erik Frost 164 crooked knife
I buyed this knife soon after I bought the Companion because it's a useful item for making crafts such as bowls and spoons. it's a great tool and it looks great and feels great aswell. The curved blade is made of carbon steel which makes it easy to sharpen, but I haven't felt the need to do that for now.

The Mora Companion
I will use this as my average Bushcraft knife.. For making tools, preparing food and fish and as an axe to chop down small trees and it has countless other uses... If I would have to enter the wilderness with just one of my tools it better be this knife. There are multiple versions of this knife and mine is the MG version with carbon blade. to learn more about it watch this great review/test video I found on the net
I highly recommend these knives and all other knives made by Mora.. For the quality they are ridiculously cheap and they are sold in many outdoor shops.
Why not take a visit at their website..

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