Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why I travel by bike

Now you may wonder why I choose to travel by bike.  Well traveling from Holland to Poland with a bicycle seems nuts but cycling this long distance has it's pros and cons.
Let's take a look..

The Pros

  • Traveling costs.. No gasoline, no ticket.. total costs comes down to $0,00
  • Get anywhere.. Going through narrow streets, small sandpaths and alot of of other terrain that is inaccessible by car.
  • Fitness.. Simply because there's no other method of transportation that will keep you this fit.
  • Head straight into the forests.. If I would travel by plain then I would end up in another airport in another city. i'll need to get a map of that city, a taxi and find my way out of the city into the countryside. When I travel by bike I'll probably wouldn't have to enter any kind of urban jungle.

The Cons
  • Traveling time.. Let's face it.. a Bicycle has an average speed of 15mph (24km/h) an airplane such as a Boeing 737 has a cruising speed of 485 mph (780 km/h)
  • The weather.. heading aginst the wind, cold, rain.. these are all things that'll slow you down.
  • Bicycle Breakdown.. A bicycle is made of a few big parts and many, many smaller parts and it breaks down easily. A flat tire, a broken chain.. all scenarios that I have to prepare for. I'll will bring a bicycle-repair-kit with me but there's always a chance that i'll have to ditch the bicycle and go further on foot

The bicycle of my choosing

Well you can't always get what you want and use that what you already have and what I have are 2 simple bike's that are both broken so I either have to fix one of them (maybe with parts of the other) or get a new (or rather used) bicycle. This is a very important problem that needs to be solved quickly.. No bike means walking/hitchhiking a long distance and I do not prefer that method. A brandnew ATB would be best but my wallet doesn't allow it.

Also another reason why I don't go by plane is because I will be taking items with me in order to survive that the average customs agent wouldn't like. Sure, I won't be bringing any firearms with me but a few knives.. yes. I'm even thinking about buying an axe and all these items will raise questions that might get me into trouble. Cycling with all these items threu the open borders in Europe seems the best items.

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