Friday, December 14, 2012

Diary 14 dec

A couple of days ago I wrote an article about how I made the billy can and yesterday the madame made some more soup resulting into more tin cans.
So why the heck wouldn't I try to make a comple cooking set out of it?.. well, here's the result:
From left to right: Smoker, Stove, Billy can
Well this was easy to make with just a old knife, what a wonderful material!
This idea is not entirely mine and many outdoors folk made sets like these calling it the bushcraft or hobo cooking set. I will definately put it to the test soon but I do not think I will take this complete set with me because it takes too much space in my backpack. I would rather make something collapsable. The stove seems ideal for burning twigs.
What else have I been doing?  I'm still sewing and stitching my own cloths, it is a fun project but my fingertips are starting to show damage from pushing needles through thick leather all day since i'm making my own shoes. But it pays off and when they're done i'll let you know.
Food i need during the early stages of the journey is always on my mind and about a week ago I started making trailmix.. Trailmix is a mix of nuts and other ingredients that will give an energy boost during hiking for example. The trailmix I made consists of many different types of nuts mixed with raisins. Some people also throw in M&M's and dried fruits.

Like I sayd before in order to get where I want to go I will have to travel across Germany until I reach Poland and making a fire in the german outdoors is forbidden so I can't realy cook anything until I reach the polish border. That part of the journey will take some time and just living on trailmix for days is not a good idea so I will have to find other 'instant food' sources that does not require cooking and that doesn't spoil easily such as smoked fish or meat. 
Well that's it for now, Next up is The List..  a list of all the items I need to buy or make before I leave..  Take care everyone

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