Thursday, December 6, 2012

Diary 6 dec

I woke up today, opened the curtains.. guess what...

Winter wonderland!!.. That realy put a smile on my face. I am the type of guy who hates the cold but what I do love is snow.. it's so beautiful, makes me wonder what the forests look like right now.

My garden right now, the snow is awesome and it covers all the mess as while.. yeah, it's my cat :)
In my last post I talked about making charcloth and I thought; if i'm making firestarters anyway, let's also make some cotton balls then.. so that's what I did.. getting some cottonballs and roll them in petroleum jelly (Vaseline).... it's a sticky bussiness I'll tell ya.
Works like a charm.. estimated burn time: 5 mins
I have been working on making a route and i'm now done mapping. It was a hard job but the mapping part is over so i can now focus on other stuff such as fixing my bagpack and i've also started making some clothing on my own such as a fleece pants that I will wear under my regular pants on days when it gets extra cold.
I am also working on gaining knowledge about tree identification and wild edibles.. don't want to be eating fish and meat all year round.
I was planning to leave next year in secret but i'm beginning to suspect that my girlfriend (if I can still call her that) knows more about my upcoming trip. maybe i'm not being careful enough. maybe i underestimated her, maybe i overestimated myself.. thinking i can just fool everyone.
And if she knows would she care? doubt it, good.. I do not hate her and she does not hate me (yet :)) but there is no love here. It does not feel like a relationship, it doesn't feel like friendship either.. we are just living in the same house, tolerating eachothers presence.... that's it.
We each do our chores, taking care of the kids and as long as she can buy all useless crap from my money she's happy...
... i'm not.. and once i leave her extra money will leave with me.. i'll find someone who would use it wisely, not her and not me either.. I won't be needing it by then.
Aaaarrgghhh... stop thinking about it!  Happy thoughts... *goes into meditation position*
                                             "Ohmm mani padme hummmm..."  
Chilled out? Good!
Well i'm off doing some more sewing bussiness.. it never ends.. Goodbye everyone!

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