Thursday, February 21, 2013

Diary 21 feb

The letter to my father is also finished and is ready to be posted, but it has to wait a couple of months. I still can't find my mothers adress so I might have to send her an email instead of the traditional letter, which sucks.

The kids are at school and my gf is at the gym.. and I just gotta respect that. She became a member there a few days ago and this is the second time she's going. But personaly it does not change anything between her and me. Looks are good, but it's the personality that you have to live with day by day. If she keeps holding on like this and becomes a size 6 she will still be a rotten egg that looks good on the outside.

In my last post I wrote about how to make incense without the typical asian ingredients.
Today I burned the incense I was making in that specific tutorial and here are the results:
It went sweet!!! I lit the top of the incense cone and it burnt all the way down without a flame as it is supossed to be. A few concerns however.. First, it burned way to fast, it was over in a minute or so, might use less charcoal next time.. Second, I do not to find a better binder, it was way to brittle.. Third, A scent definately came of other then that of burned charcoal but I did'nt like it, that's the least of my problems, just find better ingredients next time.

I have been looking into my food problem lately and I have upgraded the amount of food I will be taking with me. Such as noodles, instant soups and I'm stiil looking into foods that doesn't need to be heated.
I have updated the Items list , the list that shows you all the items I will be taking with me on my journey/trip/queste.. Some items were taken off the list most likely because they were not important enough to take with me. Other items were added to the list, mostly food and water.
And other items were modified.. For example I wanted to bring a book with me purely for entertainment, back then I decided to choose The lord of the rings. Now I changed that to The hobbit.. why?
The Hobbit is about 250 pages, LOTR about 870!! I can easily say that will make my backpack lighter by a kilo, at least.. (aslong as it's tolkien)

When I first made the list (2 years ago) it was huge, I was being unrealistic, Even if I could carry all that stuff on my back it would become sheer hell after carrying it for weeks on my back. But i've learned a lot since then.. I got rid of stuff..
And now I often look at the list and ask myself 2 questions when looking at every individual item; Do I realy need it? and Can it be made in the wilderness instead?

That's it for now hope you enjoyed

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