Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My traveling bug-out gear

In November last year I wrote a thing or two about the gear I wanted to take with me into the wild. Since then I have bought and made new stuff and the What-to-take-with-me-list has changed alot since then.
You can read the november article here

So here is the updated list again with pictures to give you a better idea as to what I'll be carrying.

Well here it is, unfortunately the pictures turned out realy dark but still it is easy to see that I have been upgrading. Let's look threu the mess (and darkness) and see what's there..
On the right is all my clothing.. gloves, shemach and some of the clothes such as a t-shirt, socks are wrapped in a plastic bag to keep them absolutely waterproof.
In the front is my hunting airgun and above the airgun are smaller items and tools such as my knives, rope and such. It's kinda hard to see but in front of the bag is my poncho rolled up and in front of the poncho is some first aid items.
Finaly on the left there's my canteen aswell as a waterbottle, battery's for my camera and the camera bag, a blue box with fishing stuff and on the top-left is a black book with a golden ankh on it.. this is my field manual.

Here from a different angle..

What you didn't see in the previous photo's was the food that I will be taking with me so here it is. In the back is a can with multiple spicies. The 3 bags contain (from left to right): Flour, Rice and Pasta's. Then there's the Instant soup, some Bouillon cubes, Teabags, Small cup of jam, Some folded alluminiumfoil and the 2 black disks are two Buddyburners that I made in a previous post.

Am I happy with this?? No!!
I have two reasons why I'm not happy about it.. First; It is not near enough and second; All these food items either need to be cooked or processed in another way that requires an open flame...
Like I explained before, Wildcamping is at least tolerated once I've entered Poland but to get there I have to cross Germany where laws are more strict. So idealy I should have enough food that doesn't require cooking until I reach that border.

So when it comes to gear, clothing and survival items I'm all set and ready to go at this point it's just having enough food at the first stages of my journey that concerns me. Water is a big issue aswell. I will need to drink a lot of water since I'll be cycling for miles and miles, sure I will find rivers and streams to fill the bottles but that water needs to be filtered and that, again, requires boiling.
So that gives me 3 options..
1 - Buy more food before I leave that does not need to be cooked.
2- Accept the risks and cook the food anyway, dispite it being wildcamping and therefore, illegal.
3- Bring some money with me and buy food/water along the way

Since I don't want people to bother me and since I don't want to bother anyone else on my trip I won't go for option 2 unless I have no other choice.. I don't want to draw attention to myself.

But back to the Gear.. I have one more photo for ya.

So here is my fishing gear that I will rely on alot because I love fishing and my favorite type of food is fish aswell.    In the front is a fishing float/bobber that stays pretty much visible even at dawn. I will only bringing one with me since they are easy to make if I lose it. Then there are softbait fishing lures which are great for bigger fish and I great option if you don't have any live bait with you.  The fishingline is cheap but it does the trick and can be used for snare trapping aswell and I will be taking some more fishing line with me that is less cheap and made for carp fishing.. so pretty strong.   At the top are fishing hooks and fishing leads in various shapes and sizes. The bag on the left contains small breaklights for fishing at night.

Well that's it for now.
Once again I must add that I might not bring all of these items with me on my journey or queste. It is also easy to see that not all this stuff fits in my small backpack, Then again I have cycling bags attached to the bicycle and small items can also be put in my pockets. Still if it becomes to heavy I will leave less important stuff behind. I have to make choices.. If I could I would bring a huge alpine backpack with me, a 5 star tent, an awesome hunting rifle and tons of ammo, a gas stove, and throw in a hunting dog aswell now we're at it.
But my budget won't allow it and how on earth would I carry all that junk by myself?

No sir, there are no sponsors here; This is what you get when a guy decides to leave mankind behind and head into the wilderness with little or no money.
Hope you enjoyed

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