Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So.. I have quit smoking

Yesterday I've quit smoking cold turkey.
I have been trying to quit several times and I wanted to quit since a few years, yet I always found myself looking for excuses so I could keep on smoking... "if I don't smoke I realy have nothing else to do", "my life is to messed up now to quit".. and so on.

At the moment I'm doing allright but I know it will get harder.. I started smoking when I was still in school. And I soon turned into a obsessive smoker.

The real reason why I quit now is because of my condition. Lately i'm into fitness and not smoking makes training alot easier. When I was 23 I started taekwondo.. the most awesome sport I ever did.. I remember during a warming-up one of the guys came to me and said; You smoke don't you? And he was right. I probably was the only smoker in the group and I was the only one who was totally broken after the warming-up, before the real training started.

Anyhow, all I have to do in order to quit is keeping myself buzy so I don't think about smoking all the time.
3 months untill I leave..... I must have loads of things to do..

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  1. How are you doing, Ralph? I hope you're holding tight. It's easy to just go back to smoking, but resisting would bring you long-term satisfaction. This is, among other things, a test of character. It's extremely helpful that you've started training. That way, you would have a constant reminder why you shouldn't give in to smoking again. Shift Hypnosis