Sunday, February 10, 2013

4 great debris bushcraft shelters

Here are 4 debris shelters that anyone can build, they are easy to build and easy to take down again and how long they will last depends on the amount of effort put into the building process.
No tarp? no poncho? or simply not enough room for a portable shelter? no problem with this list.

A-frame shelter
This is definately one of the easiest designs and I wrote about this shelter before. I can also say that it's my favourite type of shelter due to it's simplicity.

Double A-frame (viking) shelter
Somewhat the same as the A-frame shelter only with a double entry. downside is that two open entry make for more wind/cold inside the shelter, the big plus is that it has more space then the shelter above. I nicknamed this one the Viking shelter since it looks somewhat like old viking tents.

Debris Tipi (Teepee)
Most likely the most time consuming shelter and you probably don't want to be building a nice fire in the centre of this tipi. This is clearly a shelter build for a longterm stay. These cone shaped shelters also provide a lot of space.

The easiest one to build (but ofcourse you can make it as complex as you want). In my opinion this is not the type of shelter you should build in an area where it rains, storms or snows alot. Because this is just the "viking" shelter with half of it missing. Why this shelter is so populair with bushcrafters in the first place is beyond me.. In a warmer climate these will be great however to provide shade from the sun.

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