Friday, February 15, 2013

Some of my recent DIY projects

As you all know by now I am a creative spirit.. I love to build things from scratch and I made alot of things in the period when I was without a compact camera so I could not show you all of the projects I was working on. Now that I do have a camera I just had to show you some of the items.

Well here ya go.. I'm sorry about the dark picture and the awful colour of the background :)

Let's start with the shoes.. I got the pattern from a website that was about early medieval reenactment. The pattern apparently was for making (Anglo) Saxon shoes. I made them from sturdy, black leather that I got from an old leather jacket (Grease style) and I used soft fleece for the inner layer which feels better on bare feet. If you look closely you'll see that there are 4 holes in each shoe for short laces but those are not necessary as they fit perfect. Making these shoes was hell and it took me quite some time.

Then there is the Boomerang. I did not make the boomerang myself. I bought it but I didn't like the plain wood design so I got myself some paint and this is what it turned into. Traditionally boomerangs were used for hunting birds but I will use it for fun out there (though I might give it a try).

Between the boomerang and the shoes lays a small Pipe that I did make from scratch. From leftover wood to be more precise. It was fun to make and I made it without power tools and as you can see I do use it. Despite the fact that I want to quit smoking I will take it with me. I want to quit being addicted to tobacco but I will continue on herbal smoking (No, I don't mean cannabis). As you can see I was inspired by Native American pipes but it is in no way meant to be a peacepipe.

Finally on the left there are 2 bags I made.. On the top a simple bag with a circular design, In it are items to make incense (another recent hobby of mine). And on the bottom is a rectangular bag that was inspired by (again) Native American tobacco bags.

Well that's it for now, As you can see I have not been sitting still. Finally below is a more detailed picture of the boomerang and how it looked when I got it.. Take care now everyone!


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