Friday, February 15, 2013

Diary 15 feb

Not smoking is hard on me and I definately have fall backs every now and then, which isn't good for my health and which in turn isn't good for my condition, something I still hope to improve.

Lately I'm taking a hard look at all the stuff I'm bringing with me, all the selfmade projects and items, all the clothes.. And now I just need to pick carefully the items that I truly need. For example; The crossman airgun that I will be taking with me is the heaviest item in the kit, It is nothing but an airpistol with a shoulderstock. And a shoulderstock makes shooting easier but if I have to, I will leave it here to safe space and weight. Then there's the thick blanket I was planning on taking with me for sleeping, It takes up so much space that I can't put it in the bag and have to strap it on top of the bag. But do I realy, truly, need to bring it with me? I will be leaving during the hottest months of the year.. Could I not just sleep in my clothes? When winter comes making a blanket myself with fur isn't such a strange idea.

At the moment I'm looking at each and every item and ask myself  'Is it usefull?' I have to keep it real.. All I realy need to take with me is Clothing, Food and several smaller items that are extremely usefull and that cannot be made in the wild (Compass, Fishinghooks, Maps, Firesteel etc).

3 more months left and bored like hell because I have less stuff to do. I am still working on my field manual, something I will write about later on.

The Cranberries - Zombie

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