Thursday, February 7, 2013

Survival fishing with trash

We have a small fishing shop a f blocks from here and everytime I enter the shop I get a good old smile on my face from all that fishing gear.
Hooks in all shapes and sizes, softbaits and special lures, fishing line and all sorts of equipment.
Fishing is a real populair sport in my area so that shop is booming right now, however what the shopowner and his costumers don't know is that a lot of their stuff can be made for free... with trash...

People have been making hooks, lures and other equipment from trash for years and they work just as good as any expensive mass-manifactured equipment. And once again Youtube is filled with awesome tutorials and here are some of the best.


Soup can clips turned into fishing hooks

Paperclips turned into fishing hooks (and Rod guides)

Fishing Floats

Making a fishing float out of a soda straw, truly genius! The video also shows proof that it works

Fishing Lures

Making a fishing lure from a spoon.. Similair to the one I made

A lure from a soda can


PVC fishing pole tutorial

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