Sunday, February 10, 2013

My selfmade backpack version 2.0

My backpack is now finished, for everyone who lost track of the process (can't blame you) here's what happened..

I bought a ALICE (US army) backpack, the 100ltr version. Which is great for hiking long distances and camping. But since I will be cycling alot during my journey I needed a more lightweight and less massive type of backpack.
So I took an old camo sportsbag (those rectangular bags you carry over your shoulder) and turned it into a large backpack by adding stuff from the ALICE pack (such as the external bags).
But guess what.. It was still too big!!

So I headed back to the drawing board.. I needed something that could carry all my stuff yet it had to be small and comfortable enough to carry on my back for miles of cycling.
I realised quickly that it was mission impossible, It could not be done with the materials and tools I had.

Dispite all the drama I did make my final backpack out of a simple, small schoolbag!
I guess it's a 40ltr bag.. It is impossible to get all my gear, clothing and food in that tiny little bag but.. I also have a cycling bag (those double bags over the rear wheal, paperboy style) and they can carry alot of stuff.
Anyhow.. here's the small backpack..

So this is what the bag looks like when it's fully loaded and I can say it's pretty heavy but still comfortable enough (I think). In front of the bag is the poncho with a blanket rolled into it. The smaller bag on the right contains my tin can cooking set. Inside the backpack there's mostly extra clothing but also my Mora and my airgun aswell as other stuff such as a extra water bottle. But there simply wasn't any room for other important stuff like my winter jacket, won't need to wear it when I leave in may, but will have to take it with me.

Anyhow.. there it is.. the backpack that I will be taking with me on my journey into the wilderness.
It was a lot of hard work but 100% handmade and hand stitched/sewn.. thank god it's over :)

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