Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Diary 19 feb

Realisation starts to kick in and it kicks in hard..
I am actually going to do this! This is really happening!

Just a few more months and then I will leave, It will turn my life upside down. It will be an experience unlike any other. I will do what few people have done before me. I will, one day, have a story to tell, oh boy.
I'm turning my back to all the drama and anger and I will head on towards a simplified, peacefull way of living.

I have started to write letters to my parents. The letter to my mother (and sister) is finished but I can't find her address online.. Ain't that something.. I don't know my mothers address.. Well then again we barely spoke in recent years still I think I owe her a letter, a few final words from her son, rather she cares or not is upto her. The letter to my father is not yet finished but I will finish it tonight, his address was easily found on google.

I will post these letters once i'm out of the door. It is important to me that I send them since they are about why I leave, where I'm going and that they'll be on my mind.

I will also be spending less time online apart from posting on this blog and learning skills I won't be needing a computer. I have changed my name into Ralph Sungila instead of my real last name so I am harder to find for people who actually know me. Sungila means "Fox" or "Red Fox" in the language of the Lakota natives.. the name suits me. I have also changed my google and twitter password so that "Those we do not speak off" cannot change or delete my blog once I'm gone.

I need to spend more time offline to practice the skills I've learned. Now that the weather slowly gets warmer I will go outdoors as much as I can. The most important skill I still need to practice is making a fire from natural materials. I know how it's done but haven't managed to get a fire going.. Become good at the skill of fire making before I leave is a must!!

It's time for the song of the day.. Perhaps you remember the Kelly Family? those long haired children who were all brothers and sisters and formed a family band? well they've came a long way since then and the video proves it ;)
That's it for now boys and girls.. Take care of yourself and eachother ;)

The kelly Family - Break the walls

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