Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Diary 9 jan

It has been 5 days since I have posted something, this is because my gf thought it was necessary to relocate the computer somewhere else to a different room. That was not a problem but getting it connected to the Internet was. so after many trials and errors I can say that it is now back in the living room and we are back in business.

So what I did in the past few days?
Well something awful happened, truly horrifying.. I lost my camera!
Well.. lost it.. it's probably somewhere around the house but I just can't find the damn thing so some of the articles I was hoping to write require photo's.. they'll have to wait.
I also think it might be stolen but then again that might be because of my paranoid mindset.

I have been working on my lightweight backpack. To make things clear, I bought an ALICE pack a long time ago.. those 100ltr military backpacks with external frame but had to realise it was simply too big to carry it with me, especially on my bike.
So I downsized it and got an old sporting bag with camo pattern and I took parts of the ALICE and made my own backpack. When I finished it I came to the conclusion that it was still too big and heavy when fully loaded!

Back to the drawing board then... I was lucky enough to find an old schoolbag that belonged to my gf, probably a 30ltr or 40ltr bag. It was blazing red, a color most animals (myself included) do not like so in order to blend in I already covered it with the camo I got from my sporting bag. I will keep you all updated on this project.

The weather outside is shit, dark sky, rain and greyish. I have to pick up my kids from school at 12:15
I wish you all a nice day

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