Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Diary 29 jan

It's official.. The Queen of the Netherlands, Beatrix, will step down on the 30th of April and her son, Willem Alexander, will become king.. Do I care? No, I have other things on my mind right now.. I just thought our nations welthiest granny would never step down. Soon it will be up to him to lead this mess..

So much for patriotism :)

At the moment i'm searching the internet for more information on wilderness living skills because I just have 2 months left untill I leave. Sometimes I think I know it all and I become a bit cocky but theres still so much I don't know.  I also realise that there's a lot to learn from the Mountain man. Like most Dutch I don't know a thing about Mountain man and the fur trade era but I have been looking into the skills they knew, the tools they used and the way they lived.

Things are going way fast now!!
Or at least so it seems. The whole idea of leaving mankind and it's problems behind in 2 to 3 months is starting to kick in. I actualy begin to understand that this is about to happen. A real life changing experience.!
I realy start to wonder if i'm ready. My mind is ready but how about my gear? Do I have all the stuff I need?

Before I head off to bed I will do some fitness, My workout for today: (all bodyweight exercises)

  • Jumping jack warmup: 3 minutes
  • Pushups: 5x10, 1x20
  • Crunches: 5x10, 2x20, 1x30
  • Squats: 4x40
  • Reverse Crunches: 5x10
  • Calf Raise: 30x
  • Triceps dips: 2x20
  • Plank hold: 5 minutes
By all means i'm no fitness expert and most of my fitness knowledge is gathered from the internet. I just needed a quick, full body workout and this is what I came up with.
If anybody with more expertise has tips or a better home-workout-plan then please feel free to post a comment ;) 

Last time I forgot to mention that I have created a new page on this blog.. The FAQ on the top. It has all the basic info about my future journey.
Guess it's well about time for the song of the day, Cheers!

Monica - Don't take it personal

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