Sunday, January 13, 2013

Diary 13 jan

I'm a 100% sure.. My camera is lost.. I have looked everywhere but it is realy gone.. Either it was accidently thrown away or someone has stolen it but that might be my paranoia speaking.
So now what? Well, buy a new one I guess but that'll have to wait a few weeks and once I buy it, from now on I will keep that camera close to me.. I just can't thrust all the little bastards that enter my house uninvited.
"They stole it from us!"
Ah Gollum.. That reminds me.. I have watched The Hobbit: an unexpected journey yesterday and I loved it. I have been a Tolkien fan since a very long time and I loved the movie. no surprise realy since it had the same looks and feel of Lord of the rings.
Unfortunately since i'll be leaving in May I won''t be able to see parts 2 and 3 but still I would recommend to watch this movie, especialy if you've watched the Lord of the rings series you will want to watch it over and over again.
So what has been on my mind lately, well fitness ectualy.. preparring my untrained body for the journey. Since I do not have the money (and certainly not the time) to join a gym i'll be working out at home. I do have a set of dumbells and when it comes to strength training I'll be using them along with bodyweight exercises.
And when it comes to cardio, well, apart from cycling I'll be doing alot of hiking while carying my gear so I might look into military training.
I also have a Wii with Wii fit and that may come in handy.
!!!!  New  Neu   Nieuw !!!!
I love music and who doesn't? In my life I have been listening to so many different artists and so many different types of music it's insane. Because I feel the need to share some of the best songs I've heard I'll be posting a "Song of the day" on every diary entry. Some songs will be rock, others 80's and so on. Many songs are songs I have listened in my youth and I tend to like music with emotion so beware ;)   Hope you enjoy
U2- Sunday bloody sunday

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