Monday, January 28, 2013

Diary 28 jan

It has been 10 days since my latest message.. so what's happening lately?
Well alot really.. I have been celebrating the birthday of my 2 oldest daughters, they are now 5 years old and that was just great. We first went to the zoo and because of the cold winter we were about the only visitors. I had a great day! After that my family-in-law came to visit and to celebrate and..  I had a great time with them.. weird..

It seems like I am changing, it looks like i'm becoming more and more of a friendly person. I no longer hide myself from society and I haven't had any homicidal fantasys for a few days now. I start to talk to people and I can see their part of the story now, the anger seems to float away. I am not sure why this happens all of a sudden. It however, does not change my plans.

Talking about my plans.. I was just looking at the date and realised that I will be leaving in 3 months!!
And here I am making star wars papercrafts!! What the hell is wrong with me!? I should be preparing from now on! and I should check if i have everything I need!
Damn! Time is moving fast. But I will be leaving in May no matter if I am totaly ready or not because there is no future for me here.

Other news: we got a new laptop! I was having trouble with my computer because it was just so damn slow. simply loading google took ages, that's also the reason why I haven't been posting recently. It's probably a virus or something. Anyway we now got this laptop friend one of my girlfriends friends, which is nice. When it comes to electronics all I realy need now is a new camera. So I can show you guys the new backpack that I made and other stuff. But since I only have about 3 months left and since my gf is so eager to manage money related isseus, that might not happen.

My father visited today.. I guess he's the only family i've got left
I think it's well about to end this, here's the song of the day..

Alanis Morissette - King of Pain (live)

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