Thursday, January 31, 2013

Diary 31 jan

This blog is nearing 3000 visits!!! Awesome guys! ;)

Life is getting dull, I feel like I have nothing to do then just wait and think about the day I leave, how I'm gonna do it, which exact day I'm gonna leave, if I have packed enough food...
Like I have said before, I have all the tools and knowledge in order to head into the backcountry but it's not yet departure day so it has become a waiting game and I'm not yet sure what to do and how to use the time I still have left here.

I'm also out of ideas for this blog.. Since I still don't have a camera I can't show my projects I'm working on or that are finished. According to my gf it may take another week until I can buy a new one... It's f**king frustrating.. If she wants to buy something she just goes out buying it without even mentioning it, if I need something it will take weeks, months even.. It only gives me more reasons to leave.
I also need new shoes, the first time I asked her if I could buy shoes was over 6 months ago yet every damn day she goes out shopping for herself buying flowers and other useless bullshit, I just about had it with this opportunistic, self centred b*tch!

That was my daily dose of whining, time for the song of the day.. One of my favorite bands:

Queen - You take my breath away

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