Monday, January 28, 2013

Fitness.. So it begins..

From now on I will start to prepare my body for weeks of cycling and hiking. I have done fitness before and I know pretty much about how muscles grow and about healthy foods.. again I know alot of theory but never seem to put it into practice. that ends today.

I will be working out 3 days a week and I will be doing full body workouts, the goal is not to look good, the goal is to increase my endurance and strength since my journey will be harsh.
I will be doing my workouts at home and most of the exercises will be bodyweight exercises, but I have 2 dumbells that I will also use.

I will also change my eating habbits. I do not like candy and such but from now on I will try to eat only healthy foods as much as I can. This means lots of eggs, fish and meat products. I also drinks loads of coffee, way too much. Sometimes coffee is all I drink for days on end! That can't be good! So from now on I will be drinking water mostly with some fruitmix drinks along the way.

The biggest obstacle is still my smoking habbits, I have to quit soon.

I will be posting all my workouts in my diary ;) good day everyone

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