Friday, January 18, 2013

Diary 18 jan

Not to sure what to write at the moment since not a lot has been happening lately.

The work on my backpack is nearing completion, also the clothing that i'm making myself is nearly done. As a matter of fact all my DIY projects are almost complete and when their done it just becomes a waiting game until I leave.

Boredom kicks in and to be honest that started years ago since then i'm trying hard to keep myself entertained every day but it's useless.. I''m not as easily amused anymore, worse even, nothing seems to interest me nowadays. Sometimes I download a videogame just to delete it from my pc the next day.. It's not as fun as it used to be when I was younger. A serious problem or a midlife crisis? you tell me..

In order to keep myself buzy until I leave I will again take up an old hobby of mine. As a kid I used to make plastic scale model kits and I loved doing that. So I will order a kit soon and see how that goes.
Well that's about it.. guess that just leaves the song of the day.

Rammstein - Alter Mann


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  2. Hallo

    Ik heb niet echt een eindbestemming. Ik heb een route gemaakt van hier tot de Poolse grens. vanaf daar ga ik richting het oosten en zuid-oost. richting Rusland zeg maar