Friday, November 30, 2012

On the risk of death

Let's be honest here; most people would consider me a real idiot for leaving everything behind and go into the deep,
dark forests for a long period of time. One of the most important reasons why they would think it would be a bad
idea is because of the risk factor.. I'm taking a big gamble here.
However.. with all the accidents, violence and unnatural disasters only a fool would consider the concrete jungle to be a safehaven for mankind.

Thruth is we are never safe and the lights in our eyes can die out any second of the day no
matter where we are. Everytime I get into a car I take a risk. If we do not want to take such risks the we should better lock ourselves up in concrete bunkers far away from any potential danger.. it does damage the quality of our lives however. ;)
But yes, I have thought about the risks.. the awfull things that might happen.. I will do anything I can to prevent such scenarios from happening but I do accept the fact that I might end up dead.
Then why do I do it? Because when i'm an old fart i do not wish to look back at my life only to realise that I have accomplished nothing and that I never realy lived.
Sure alot of things might happen.. I might get attacked by a bear, fall of a cliff, get a bacterial infection and the list goes on but then what will you have me do? Staying here in a place where I don't belong? I have to face the fact that I am an outcast and I sometimes spend weeks without going outside. If it is time to go then it's time to go and if I need to take these risks in order to live a life that is worth living the i'll embrace them with open arms.

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