Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A quest for entertainment

This happens so often.. You are on a trip in the forests. You have already build your shelter, you have already eaten and not hungry, plenty to drink, you have a nice campfire going but it is not yet getting dark and you're not tired yet. All your basic survival needs are fullfilled..

Now what?

Well now it's time for entertainment, that's what. Didn't thought about that did you when you were packing your bag. That's because they don't teach you the importance of entertainment at survival class but it is important because there will be times when you're at your campsite having nothing to do.

It will be a long journey for me and I have to think about how I keep myself entertaint, or how to fight boredom which is the same thing. in my backpack I will be packing 2 books.. The Lord of the rings and a book about Greek mythology.. both great books but I never got to fully read them. Of course just these two books are not enough and I will have to find more ways to pass the time.

I have been thinking about buying an Irish tin whistle but now I realise that I should be packing as less as possible and I better make such things on the spot later on. Flutes and whistles can be made out of bone, wood or clay and I have tried to make them out of commercial clay and chicken bones but failed. Still I think it's a matter of trial and error. A flute is in my opinion the easiest instrument to make in the wild

Target Practice
When it comes to ancient history I find myself obsessed with ancient weaponry and warfare so considering target practice as a form of keeping myself entertaint came naturaly.
I have made several slings in the last couple of years and I never realy had the time to practice with them and this is my chance. The same goes for selfmade bows and javelins. By changing the distance towards the target it will become harder to hit a target. This way I fight boredom and get better at my hunting skills.

Fishing is a great way to spend the time in the wild. it also brings food on the table and it forces you to relax a little. At the moment I already fish alot and I've caught plenty of minnow and perch so I have at least some experience before I head out.

I will also be packing a deck of normal cards, unfortunately there are not alot of card games you can play by yourself and if you lose a card the whole deck becomes useless and can be thrown into the fire. So when it comes to actual games i'm still looking for a solution.

The Arts
I don't know how about you but i'm the creative type of guy. I love to draw and to write and that is simply how i'll spend alot of my time. Woodcarving and sculpting are also things I want to try.

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