Friday, November 30, 2012

Diary 30 nov

Have been watching many videos about bushcraft and primitive skills today, it has become somewhat of a daily ritual. No SAS handbook for me.. It's much better to store such info into my brain.

Yesterday I took a long, hard look at my backpack.. The ALICE pack 100 ltr with metal frame..  I should never have bought it because it would be damn uncomfortable cycling for miles with that thing on my back. I need to downsize my bag and the stuff I put in it. So guess what I've been doing lately.. I took an old sporting bag that I had laying around and I have been converting it with parts of my ALICE pack. It's you typical sporting bag, rectangular with one shoulder strap with a camo pattern and at the moment it slowly it's turning into a outdoors backpack more ideal for cycling.
When it's done it might look like shyte but as long as it's functional i'm happy.. i'm also getting real good at this sewing business too!

How do I feel? Well things have not been doing so great lately. I was pretty sick yesterday and I have been suffering from a dental infection since about a week. Such infections have become quite normal lately and it somehow seems to run in the family. My father for example had his first set of false teeth since he was about my age! damn you calcium!
I should be going to a dentist, I know, I just don't thrust the little bastards, they all want my money  :)
Not that I fear the dentist, "No pain no gain" is my motto.

Awell.. such things happen, the agony of life.. but there will be better days.
Goodbye for now

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