Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Diary 28 nov

So yesterday I got the new pants I ordered. All new camo pants in a German flecktarn pattern so it matches with the flecktarn parka. when it comes to clothing I feel like i'm ready to go.
So I was reading my last Diary entry and it is almost funny to see how frustrated I can become sometimes and it also seems a bit unfair towards my family in law.. sure we have issues but I should'nt pretend like it's all their fold and there must be both sides of the story. Still it feels like a cold war between me and them and the day there will be peace is the day I leave it all behind.
Let's discuss something else..
I realise that of all the wilderness skills i have learned so far there is still one skill, an important skill, that I haven't realy been learning yet.. Foraging..  Edible Berries, Nuts, Roots, Fruits.. So much to learn yet so little time left. But this is what I will have to focus on the next couple of weeks. I learn most of my skills with the help of good old Youtube because you see techniques being done and it becomes easier to memorize. instead of buying books I try to force all the skills into my head which is alot better. However memorizing thousands of edible plants is a little hard so I will keep a notepad writing it all down.
Also I still haven't managed to start a fire with a bow drill, hand drill or fireplow which is something I need to learn. No fire equals death and it is somewhat frustrating. I will take with me many lighters, matches and a firesteel but eventualy I will have to make a fire out of whatever nature has to offer.
Better practice some more soon.

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